Mehmet Emin Zümrüt, CFA

Founding Partner

Over 15 years of experience in investment banking; focused on equity research, company valuation, M&A and financial restructuring.Worked as an equity analyst at Ata Invest and Garanti Invest.
Ranked first among analysts in Europe with his stock recommendations at Erste Securities.During his time at BNPP-TEB Investment, he published financial analysis reports and recommendations for more than 200 companies.
Worked in strategy and corporate finance departments at Turkcell. Responsible for the Investments Department in the establishment of Türkiye Wealth Fund, Turkey’s sovereign wealth fund.
Prior to founding Emerald VP, he worked actively with issuing debt instruments, public offerings, company acquisitions and restructuring projects, as well as creating investment strategies at Vakıf Invest.


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Ayla Yılmaz

Müşteri Temsilcisi

Kenan Mira

Project Manager

Alper Koç

Proje Dep.

Nazlı Firari

Kurumsal İletişim

Berkay Ufuk

Marketing Manager

When I started making investments for my own family, I also experienced difficulty making investment decisions in the face of uncertainties. I must say that this process was not easy for me either. Based on what I learned over 15 years during my investment banking career, I have built different strategies to maximize my returns while maintaining the amount of risk I am willing to carry.

After I started to evaluate my family’s savings with the investment philosophy I determined, many people wanted to know how I determined an investment. Some could not decide which investment was right for them. Those who kept their investments in bank deposits were looking for other alternatives in an environment with declining interest rates.

A friend of mine turned from dollar to Turkish Lira and bought stocks in a company he did not understand, not long after he lost a significant part of his investment as the stock price declined. I knew a couple who was paying off the loan of the house they bought under very difficult conditions and could not make any other investments with their current income. One of the spouses lost his job and had to sell the house they bought at a much lower price. I am sure there are many such people and families around you, maybe you are one of them.

I wanted to set an example with my investments approach to families who face the risk of maintaining their standard of living due to bad financial decisions. It is precisely this that led to the birth of Emerald Value Partners in 2019. Emerald Value Partners was founded with the vision to add value to your investments. This vision requires us to stick to the financial planning we have created with a long-term perspective and target better returns than other similar instruments we invest in.

With this methodology, we try to structure investment decisions and avoid behavioural and emotional mistakes that are common in decision making. We know that trying to get rich quickly with speculative bets is a futile endeavour. Investment requires long-term thinking and planning.

At Emerald Value Partners, we make our financial investments mainly in equities and short term high-yield debt instruments. In our portfolio, we make investments in Turkish Lira and other foreign currencies. We also have investments in global equities market, with specific focus on US markets. Moreover, we’re investing in equities of companies listed on BIST and Turkish companies’ debt instruments denominated in Turkish Lira and other foreign currencies.

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