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From the Desk of the Founding Partner:

Making an investment decision and implementing it is difficult if you do not have an established strategy. Our behavioural weaknesses, personal concerns and biases could have a major impact if we are not disciplined with our investments.

Every investor is unique. Our willingness to bear risk differs greatly as well as our goals and preferences. Factors such as age, life experiences, and personal circumstances play an important role in investment decisions.  one person’s good investment may be another person’s bad investment. For this reason, having the right strategy increases chances of success.

When I started making investments for my own family, I also experienced difficulty making investment decisions in the face of uncertainties. I must say that this process was not easy for me either. Based on what I learned over 15 years during my investment banking career, I have built different strategies to maximize my returns while maintaining the amount of risk I am willing to carry.

On this website, you will find the steps I have taken in my family’s financial planning, The investment philosophy I have adopted, the steps I follow when making my investments, and the different investment instruments I tend to focus on.

Mehmet Emin Zumrut, CFA
Founding Partner, Portfolio Manager

How Do Our Financial Planning
and Investment Processes Work?

Preparation of investment profile and investment policy: By filling out the investment profile questionnaire, we create an investment profile, that is, we determine how we behave when investing. We also prepare an investment policy, taking into account return target, willingness and capacity to bear risk, planned expenditure and potential urgent financial needs in the future.

Preparation of personal balance sheet and determination of asset allocation: We prepare personal or family balance sheet comprehensively. Thus, we can predict how to use all of our available resources to finance expenditure over a lifetime and maintain our standard of living after retirement. In line with our previously determined investment policy, we determine the optimum asset allocation ranges for current savings.

Execution and Portfolio Management: Based on careful analysis we decide the weight of equity and debt instruments in our financial investment portfolio. We make this decision by looking at market trends, return expectations and the attractiveness of different asset classes. We update our investment policy, asset allocation and portfolio when necessary.

Who Is Emerald VP Useful For?

Those who do not want their savings to lose value in inflationary environment

Those who want to recover losses due to previously unplanned investment decisions

Professionals who want to maintain their living standards

Those who plan for a more prosperous future for their family and children

Investors who want to increase their savings with conscious investment decisions

Don’t have a long-term plan for yourself and your family’s financial future?

Have you ever asked yourself when can I retire or how much money should I have when I retire?

Are you afraid of investing and prefer to keep your savings in the bank?

Are you putting your money into speculative investments with the goal of getting rich in the short term?

Do you lose confidence when your assets decrease in value?

Why Do You Need Financial Planning?

Your savings may decrease in value in an inflationary environment and you may have difficulty maintaining your standard of living.

You may realize that you have not allocated resources for your urgent cash needs while paying loans for a house you bought with great effort and difficulty.

You may accumulate too much debt while you spend more than your income.

If you invest in a stock with the hope that it will rise but it loses value, then you might be disappointed with the outcome.

When gold prices rise after you sold your position, you might think that you are unlucky.

As the retirement period of elderly family members extends, risks increase and health problems may reduce savings earlier than planned.

If you have invested all of your assets in your business, any market disruption can result in long term or permanent losses to your net worth.

As Emerald Value Partners, we do not allow behavioural biases to guide our investment decisions, thanks to the financial planning we have prepared in a long-term perspective and the investment policies we implement in a disciplined manner. We try to obtain better returns than similar investment alternatives with our knowledge and experience in capital markets

As a first step, find out your investment risk type by filling out our questionnaire and start planning your financial future now.

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